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The Catalan Dream
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Share This:   After the incidents of October 1st, when the Spanish police “attacked” the demonstrators who just wanted to vote in peace, many pro-independence media in Hong Kong started to compare the situation with the Umbrella Revolution, when Hong … Read More

Catalonia Independence vs. Hong Kong Independence
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Share This:   Today Catalonia celebrates an illegal referendum without voter registration, electoral colleges, election monitors, electoral commission, polling stations, presidents or members, or government neutrality. I understand that, for many Hongkongers, the existence of a group of people who … Read More

Can Capitalism Cure Healthcare from Government?
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Share This:   According to the annual index published by The Heritage Foundation, Hong Kong has been leading the ranking of world’s free economies for more than two decades. Despite its monopolies and the eroding of freedom, Hong Kong can … Read More

Lee Yee: The Idea of Liberty is Western
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Share This:   Whereas yesterday I discussed the real significance of “colony” for China, today I wish to make a more theoretical discussion. The famous Austrian philosopher Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) once wrote an article entitled “The Idea of Liberty … Read More

Mourning Liu Xiaobo, a symbol of freedom for Hong Kong?
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Share This:   These days, people around the world are getting involved in their weekly “let’s feel morally superior” pantomime: mourning Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who cried for political reform in China … Read More

Hong Kong shall never be part of China
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Share This:   It’s been 20 years since the British government handed Hong Kong over to Chinese rule, under the condition of remaining unchanged for 50 years. But two days ago, under an overcast red-crimson sky full of Chinese communist … Read More