Simplified Chinese is “more or less” Chinese

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Share This: In a Facebook post a fellow blogger mentioned the “infection of the Northern culture of the ‘more or less’”, a perfect definition of Chinese attitude towards anything, including themselves. Chinese goods are copies “more or less” similar to … Read More

Simplified Chinese is the invention of a schizophrenic mind

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Share This: When Taiwanese, Hongkongers or Western people criticize Simplified Chinese, Chinese people will immediately jump and scream in unison: “It is just a simplification of the script. It is the same language, a simpler version, nothing has changed”. Most … Read More

Confucius Institute: Educational Failure, Political Success

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Share This: . It has been noted before that the current Confucius Institutes are shaping a new generation of scholars who will not only have a distorted, pro-Chinese Communist Party vision of Chinese history, but who also will be unable … Read More