Five reasons why Hong Kong is NOT the capitalist utopia you might imagine it to be (II): Property rights

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Share This:   Property rights are the most basic of all human rights, the most basic economic institution for people to maintain their own existence. Little is it known that the HKSAR government can expropriate your house to build huge … Read More

China, open borders, and kitten immigration

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Share This:   In a not-so-recent column Lew Rockwell, one of the most relevant libertarians of today, expressed a very surprising idea: that open borders are an assault on private property. Briefly explained, in a true libertarian society where land … Read More

Simplified Chinese is “more or less” Chinese

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Share This: In a Facebook post a fellow blogger mentioned the “infection of the Northern culture of the ‘more or less’”, a perfect definition of Chinese attitude towards anything, including themselves. Chinese goods are copies “more or less” similar to … Read More

Simplified Chinese is the invention of a schizophrenic mind

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Share This: When Taiwanese, Hongkongers or Western people criticize Simplified Chinese, Chinese people will immediately jump and scream in unison: “It is just a simplification of the script. It is the same language, a simpler version, nothing has changed”. Most … Read More

There is only “Those long divided shall be united; those long united shall be divided”, but never “since antiquity”

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Share This: . [This post was originally published by blogger Read before u speak 東講西讀 in his/her FB page here. All credit goes to Read before u speak 東講西讀, both for the text and the original image]. Migration and changes in borders … Read More

China NAZIonalism is making up the book on human origins

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Share This: . [Chinese version here: 中國正在偽造人類起源史] In a previous post here, I talked about how China is stealing, faking, and making up research, as it has been reported by various scientific media, including Nature. BioMed Central, one of the publishers … Read More

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