Five Republicans Discuss “Chinese Nature”

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Share This:   [You can read the original Chinese here]   Chinese’s Double heart There is a country in the Far East whose citizens have a mouth as sharp as a dagger, but a heart as fragile as glass. Whether … Read More

There is only “Those long divided shall be united; those long united shall be divided”, but never “since antiquity”

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Share This: . [This post was originally published by blogger Read before u speak 東講西讀 in his/her FB page here. All credit goes to Read before u speak 東講西讀, both for the text and the original image]. Migration and changes in borders … Read More

Academic freedom with Chinese characteristics

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Share This: I may have mentioned a couple of times two interesting essays about academic freedom in the field of Chinese studies: Jay Nordlinger’s “Scholars with Spine,” and Marshall Sahlins’ Confucius Institutes: Academic Malware. The issue of “academic freedom” has … Read More

China, the West and “The Shandong Syndrome” (II)

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Share This: Anti-Confucian Confucians In its wider sense, the May Fourth Movement applies to the historical period between 1917 and 1922 when modern China initiated the radical introduction of Western ideas of science, philosophy, literature, and ethics –including Russian Bolshevikism– … Read More

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