Chip Tsao: The collective madness of nationalism

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Share This:   [You can read the original text in Chinese here. Used with permission] Whereas the recent “Scandal of Sun Yang’s drug cheat” became the battlefield of Chinese nationalism, those who read English remained sober and reasonable on the … Read More

There is only “Those long divided shall be united; those long united shall be divided”, but never “since antiquity”

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Share This: . [This post was originally published by blogger Read before u speak 東講西讀 in his/her FB page here. All credit goes to Read before u speak 東講西讀, both for the text and the original image]. Migration and changes in borders … Read More

China NAZIonalism is making up the book on human origins

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Share This: . [Chinese version here: 中國正在偽造人類起源史] In a previous post here, I talked about how China is stealing, faking, and making up research, as it has been reported by various scientific media, including Nature. BioMed Central, one of the publishers … Read More

How “City of Life and Death” trod on Chinese censorship (and III)

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Share This: Behind Japanese textbooks censorship there is a sophisticated group of specialists in historical studies called nihonjinron or “theories about the Japanese.” They defend the existence of a distinctive Japanese concept of what should be considered public or private … Read More