Chip Tsao: The collective madness of nationalism

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Share This:   [You can read the original text in Chinese here. Used with permission] Whereas the recent “Scandal of Sun Yang’s drug cheat” became the battlefield of Chinese nationalism, those who read English remained sober and reasonable on the … Read More

Five Republicans Discuss “Chinese Nature”

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Share This:   [You can read the original Chinese here]   Chinese’s Double heart There is a country in the Far East whose citizens have a mouth as sharp as a dagger, but a heart as fragile as glass. Whether … Read More

China, open borders, and kitten immigration

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Share This:   In a not-so-recent column Lew Rockwell, one of the most relevant libertarians of today, expressed a very surprising idea: that open borders are an assault on private property. Briefly explained, in a true libertarian society where land … Read More

Simplified Chinese is “more or less” Chinese

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Share This: In a Facebook post a fellow blogger mentioned the “infection of the Northern culture of the ‘more or less’”, a perfect definition of Chinese attitude towards anything, including themselves. Chinese goods are copies “more or less” similar to … Read More

The symbolic imposition of Mandarin in Hong Kong

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Share This: . . It’s been a busy week for China, although the Chinese people probably haven’t noticed due to something called censorship: the Panama Papers featuring Xi Jinping’s inner family circles, the Chinese’s “Great Firewall” being registered by U.S. … Read More

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