Remembering Tiananmen

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Ever since the Umbrella Revolution ended, many people have withdrawn from the annual memorial to the Tiananmen Massacre celebrated in Victoria Park every June 4th. Many Hongkongers feel that the rally, organized by the leftish Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, does not represent them and their feelings, because it focuses too much on Chinese identity and, especially, on the idea of building a democratic China in order to have a freer Hong Kong.

“Do not forget the original intention”

During the Umbrella Revolution, “Do not forget the original intention” was one of many slogans at the Big Stage in Admiralty. We should also not forget the “original intention” of the 1989 student movement in Tiananmen. Their real intention was to take down Deng Xiaoping, not to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party. They chanted “Down with Deng” but they wanted some other dictator to control their lives in a different way. They talked about democracy just as the CCP talks about democracy today, but they just wanted to be slaves of a different master. They just wanted a change of master, not a change of regime. That’s why they chanted the National anthem of the People’s Republic of China, waved red flags with Communist yellow stars, and sang the left-wing song “The Internationale”. At the end of the day the Tiananmen Massacre was just a struggle between two different factions of the Chinese Communist Party –a struggle that ended like any other Communist purge in history: with the butchering of those who were “not communist enough”.

Thus, let’s not forget the original intention, which was to perpetuate Communism.

Why should we remember?

But if the original intention should not be forgotten, neither should we forget Tiananmen itself. Remembering Tiananmen should not be about Chinese identity. It should also not be about democracy in China, because the students never struggled for real democracy. Remembering Tiananmen should be about remembering what the Chinese government who controls Hong Kong since 1997 can do to its citizens. Remembering Tiananmen is remembering why Hong Kong needs independence.

Rather than filling Victoria Park once more under the shadow of that useless Alliance, Hongkongers should take over the streets ad host their own events. Everywhere.

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