June 4th Museum Closed Today

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4th June Museum

[The following is an adapted translation of the Apple Daily article “June 4th Museum to close the day after tomorrow”, which you can read here.]

Run by the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, the June 4th Museum, which was opened in Tsim Sha Tsui less than two years ago, has ever since endured various attempts of suppression through legal and administrative measures. Today it will officially close until they are able to find a new location. Yesterday, the museum was flooded by many citizens who learnt about the closure, among them many Chinese tourists.

Mr. Leung, a retired citizen who was 40 years old when the Tiananmen Massacre took place, said he participated in the demonstrations in Hong Kong at the time, and has since attended the annual candlelight vigil to commemorate the June 4th Massacre. When interviewed, Leung could not control his tears: “Everything here (the June 4th Museum) made a great impression on me, and now when I look at it again, I still feel very agitated”. He learnt from the Internet that the June 4th Museum was going to close. “It’s a shame. The June 4th Museum is a collection of the history [of the Tiananmen Massacre], it should be preserved”.

A third grade student named Ng point out that, because of his interest in history since childhood, after learning about the closure of the June 4th Museum he decided to come to visit and buy some documentaries and books. He explained that, in school, the June 4th massacre is seldom mentioned, so he would look up for more information online. “The museum can teach students the truth, and that the Chinese Communist Party neglects and conceals history is something that should not be done”.

Lee, a third year student from the Faculty of Education, explained how this was the first time she visited the museum. She felt his heart very heavy: “The June 4th Massacre was a big incident in China, it should be understood”. “Every year on June”, she added, “our teacher will explain the June 4th Massacre”. She believes that the museum can teach students and tourists about the June 4th Massacre and it is a shame that it should be closed.

The staff of the museum explained that this was the last day they opened, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. After the closure they will arrange all the information provided by the public in order to open a new museum.

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