The South CHINA Sea. CHINA!!!!

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South China Sea

I was not going to talk about this topic because, honestly, I do not care a lot. China has territorial claims on every possible place. There are Chinese immigrants who even believe Europe belongs to China (!). But no, I am not going to talk about international law or about who is right or wrong. I am going to talk about grammar and racism. But mostly grammar.

So, it happens that I posted a Philippine flag on my Instagram, together with some tags that made it quite popular. You can check the result in the image below, but it is basically a bunch of racist and nationalist comments from Chinese people (probably fake profiles, since most of them have only 1 follower).

Now, the main argument behind those Chinese messages is that the South China Sea is called South CHINA Sea, so, it obviously belongs to China. Just like the Indian Ocean belongs to India.

But the problem is that it is called South CHINA Sea. Not South CHINESE Sea. You see, the main difference is that “China” is a name, whereas “Chinese” is an adjective, and because of that the “South China Sea” refers to a Sea situated AT the south of China. If you wanted to say that it belonged to China, then the correct name would be “South Chinese Sea”. And still, the Indian Ocean does not belong to India.

But if they do not respect international law, do not expect them to respect grammar. After all, English was probably invented by China.

Bellow you can see some of the infuriating comments from my instagram. For those of you who cannot read simplified Chinese, the last one reads “I wish Dad China [sic] helps you become a person”. Never knew China had a twinkie but that would explain why people there are so fucked up.


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