The outworn Chinese nationalism

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Original image (c) 東講西讀
Original image (c) 東講西讀

[Translator’s note: This post was originally published by blogger Read before u speak 東講西讀 in his blog, here. All credit goes to Read before u speak 東講西讀, both for the text and the original image].

Chinese nationalism is a retarded version of state nationalism. State nationalism is “is a variant of civic nationalism, very often combined with ethnic nationalism. It implies that the nation is a community of those who contribute to the maintenance and strength of the state, and that the individual exists to contribute to this goal. Italian fascism is the best example, epitomized in this slogan of Benito Mussolini: “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato.” (“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”)” (From Wikipedia).

Chinese nationalism is Chinese fascism

In Hong Kong, Chinese nationalism generally arises during the baby boom generation, and most of those whose brain got infected by this Chinese nationalism were born in Hong Kong and were raised and educated under the generational motto “Learn about China, be concerned about society”. When they witness how our neighbor country has gone from poverty to today’s so-called “national power”, they cannot conceal their excitement.

It doesn’t matter what their social status is or what kind of education they had. They may be government officials, parliamentarians, or even highly educated people, principals with an outstanding education, etc., but as long as Chinese nationalism grows within their hearts, they can all become “Uncles of Victoria Park”. The only difference is that highly educated people usually will use less foul language and more plausible justifications.

People whose brain got infected by Chinese nationalism can ignore objective historical facts, because the education in “nationalist history” they had to endure in their former years has instilled in them a very, very strong “feeling of national humiliation”. They possess their own particular set of “humiliation” history and only what they read in their former years is factual reality. That’s why in their lips “cession” becomes “usurpation”, “treaty” becomes “unequal”, “concession” becomes “forced occupation”, “transfer of sovereignty” becomes “return to the motherland”, foreigners are all exploiters and ignore how the elite of Chinese descents takes advantage of the common people. They fire against the American Empire, and they fire against the small Japs who want to recover “territories”, their weapons being the strong firepower of their “mouth cannons”, but the “self-propelled guns” in their lower body run faster, defecting themselves towards the American Empire or the small Japs.

An imagined humiliation

Even if they benefited from the British rule of Hong Kong, and even if they have grown with freedom under that magnificent, blue flag in Hong Kong, receiving a good education, job, enjoying civilization, living in Hong Kong’s finest times, earning a staggering profit and benefited from the system inherited from the British in post-97 Hong Kong which allowed them to secure a stable retirement, they show no gratitude at all but just “drink the water without thinking of its source” –they forget where their happiness comes from. The origin of this “humiliation nationalism” is the idea that your protector is your invader, even though they got a lot of benefits from these “invaders” but no real humiliation at all.

No Hong Kong Pride at all

There are those who are born in Hong Kong, live in Hong Kong, succeed in Hong Kong, yet they do not take Hong Kong as their home at all.

The Hong Kong orchid tree has germinated and grown in this beautiful garden, but we admit that what was growing was in fact a Chinese redbud that our neighbors rottenly cultivated.

[Translator’s note: The Hong Kong orchid tree or Bauhinia blakeana is the floral emblem Chinese-ruled Hong Kong, but because the first character in its name, joeng 洋, means “foreign”, it was deemed inappropriate by the Chinese government and changed into a different species, the Chinese redbud or Cercis chinensis.]

Fancy emotions flooding their brains; “I am Chinese, I should cleanse one hundred years of humiliation” and things like that deeply impressed in their minds; to bear together the burden of our neighbor’s one hundred years humiliation by forgetting their own Hong Kong’s one hundred years of glory –with no pride whatsoever for being a Hongkonger. Since you are not proud of being a Hongkonger, the people from other countries will also look down upon you, and they will just despise you as if you were Chinese.

Not having been enslaved in the past yet voluntarily slaving yourself today, even to such an extent as to push your descendants into an enslaved territory. This is the degradation of the Chinese nationalism of the “older generation”, a degradation that extends to their wives and children, bringing calamity to their descendants.

Many people from the baby boom generation who received higher education will lose any trace of reason and logic when Chinese nationalism goes back into their brains, their IQ dropping to half or so. No wonder that in our neighbor country, where Chinese nationalism has flourished, bizarre things will often happen, and their official will then often say incoherent things, just talking like retards.

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