Chip Tsao: The West in the eyes of the Chinese people

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[You can read the original text here. Used with permission]

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the West is just like the comic strip above, published in 1988 in Sichuan: the British Secret Service agent James Bond gathers information in a British toilet.
The Chinese cartoonist has represented a Western “toilet cubicle” in the fashion of a Chinese public toilet: a door-less, squatting-like “foreign” toilet that resembles the Chinese people’s lack of privacy.

Chinese people’s wishful thinking in regards to other nations has not changed at all, and when they finally have a chance to travel to the West they will find out things such as: under Anglo-American law the President or Prime Minister cannot just give orders over the phone; hospital delivery rooms in Los Angeles will not collect additional money in red envelopes; and also, similarly, European and American toilets are neither door-less, nor squatting-like latrines, because Western people are not cattle or dogs, neither do they live in pigsties or cowsheds. They have self-respect.

The British left behind the legacy of an independent judiciary system in HKSAR, just like they left door-screened toilets. However, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and his troupe are, after all, Chinese, and hence they are not used to sit down in the toilet and prefer to squat down instead. Thus, when it is the time for the Legislative Council election, candidates must first fill a “Declaration of Conformity” and, then, they should “declare their position” again by electronic e-mail, stating whether or not, although they affirm to protect Chinese authority over Hong Kong, they are “in reality” advocating and pushing forward Hong Kong’s independence.
Well, Chinese people usually say that they must “integrate within the international community”; but what I know is that “in reality” most of them will never learn how to use a Western door-screened toilet, and will leave their footprints over the toilet’s bowl.
The British-style Rule of Law is being used by the Chinese Chief Executive Leung as a toilet bowl. Hongkongers, will you tolerate that Leung and his troupe tread on and leave their footprints all over Hong Kong’s face?

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