China could solve the problem of mass immigration

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Recent terrorist attacks all over Europe (and non-European countries who happen to be in no war against Muslim countries, such as the Philippines) have brought into question the immigration policies being implemented within the European Union, the United States, and other countries who have accepted the recent spate of refugees. There are people who even point out to the greediness of world’s freest economy Hong Kong for not accepting more refugees –despite no one explains how they are going to manage in an over-populated city where flats are unaffordable.

Many people in the West do not want more refugees, and some of their reasons may be true, while others are only half-way or totally wrong. But it is a fact that European countries are running out of resources, such as living space, jobs and money to take care of these refugees. So here there is a solution: China’s ghost cities.

China has a lot of space. Despite claims stating otherwise, the majority of the population lives in politically relevant cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and most of the inner country is empty. For these reason, the Chinese government has been building entire cities from scratch, with the intention of creating new city centers and move there people from overpopulated areas. It didn’t work, and now all those cities are basically empty: full equipped cities with squares, fountains, banks, gyms, and anything you dream of…but people.

Behold the solution: how about moving refugees to these new, empty Chinese cities? The United Nations holds a commitment to take care of refugees, and more specifically, to take care of the Middle East /Syrian displaced population. China has been a member of the United Nations since 1971, it is currently the world’s second-largest economy –and almost the first–, and has a lot of space and money. And according to day-dreaming libertarians and party-worship politicians, China is opening itself. So, unless there is something else at stake here, how about China stops being a UN free-rider and acts as a real world-leading economy?

Nah, just kidding. Let’s bring them into Portugal, Italy, Greece, or Spain!

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