The Catalan Dream

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After the incidents of October 1st, when the Spanish police “attacked” the demonstrators who just wanted to vote in peace, many pro-independence media in Hong Kong started to compare the situation with the Umbrella Revolution, when Hong Kong police attacked peaceful Hongkongers demonstrating against authoritarianism.

From The Confucian Libertarian we feel that, after the high response to our previous post, it is our responsibility to comment on these incidents and clarify what happened in Catalonia on October 1st and thereafter. Don’t believe this information: check the links and see by yourself.


– The collision between Spanish police and demonstrators did NOT leave 800 or 900 wounded. The demonstrators, with help from the Catalan Police (Mossos d’Esquadra) who were under the orders of the left-wing parties in Catalonia, attacked the Spanish police with chairs, stones, etc. and left 431  Spanish policemen wounded. They also attacked journalists whose media did not support independence, such as Crónica Global and Antena 3.

– No graphic proof of wounded people has been provided as for today. The original pictures showed in the Internet are all fake. These include:

The only real picture was an old lady taken from her arms and legs with no visible wounds. She tried to remove the helmet of a police officer and was thus moved away from the scene. This lady has been denounced online for posing with Arnaldo Otegi, a well-known terrorist convicted five times and whose organization kidnapped and killed many Catalans, including children.

Surprisingly, the President of the local government of Catalonia did not visit ANY of the 800-900 wounded and did not take any pictures with them.

– On October 3, when the pro-independence groups called for a massive strike in Barcelona, those shops that decide to open where attacked and their owners and workers threatened and called “Traitors!” –for example, in the supermarkets Caprabo and Mercadona.

The tactics of the CNT and other demonstrators attacking shops are not different from those of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards, EVEN USING THEIR FLAG!


– On the same day, left-wing journalists who were also pro-independence but decided to report on the strike, got violently attacked by the demonstrators as traitors –as it usually happens with left-wing and Communist parties, they will accuse their own people of not being “Communist enough.” And of course, they also attacked journalists from media who do not support independence.

The Catalan Dream

These are violent people, not peaceful demonstrators. Their tactics and behavior are not different from the Nazi Gestapo, the Russian NKVD, or the Chinese Red Guards.

Thirty years ago these same people were just kids, or teenagers. In the school, they would bully those who did not speak in Catalan in the playground; those who did not like Barça; those who had better marks than them in Catalan language and yet did not support independence. Once in the university, these same people would insult you, attack you with bats, use wood planks to close the access to your students’ union office, disturb classes throwing desks to the students and threatening teachers who did not support independence, or kicking people out of events you organized that did not support their views. They blocked the accesses to the university when they wished to organize a strike, and they would not hesitate to kick you and threaten you with knifes if you resist and try to enter, or if you advocate publicly any ideas contrary to their Communist propaganda. I do not advocate police brutality, but as a human being who lived through all of that, who endured bulling and attacks by these people in the school and the university, I cannot but feel happy to see justice upon their heads.

Supporters of independence are not different from Chinese people brainwashed by nationalism. They also believe in their own Catalan Dream, and dream of their own Greater Catalonia formed by regions that never belonged to them. But just like China, those in the government who have brainwashed the people do not want independence: they just want to keep sucking the money of those useful idiots who, year after year, believe in the promises of an upcoming independence. Independence will never come, for it would mean the end of Catalonia’s political elite.

If you do not believe these, you should read the Catalan media: Puigdemont, the Catalan president, stated that he was ready to declare independence in 48 hours, but later he decided to do it on Friday 6, then on weekend, and finally asking the Spanish government to negotiate –that is, to get more privileges for himself and his government. He never wanted independence. At the same time, former president of Catalonia Artur Mas, who until now supported independence and the voting, suddenly believes that “Catalonia is not ready for a real independence.”

Finally, it is worth noting that the salary of the president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, is 145,000 euros, almost doubling the salary of the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, 78,500 euros. This is the only example of an oppressed nation living way better than its oppressors!

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