China, the West and “The Shandong Syndrome” (and IV)

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Shandong Syndrome

“The Shandong Syndrome”

Despite the fact that the Public Enemy No.1 of Chinese culture has been the People’s Republic of China –the communist regime that took over the Chinese mainland once ruled by the Republic of China–, their citizens believe that only they should be allowed to study, understand, preserve or even destroy their own culture, whereas foreigners should not be given voice at all, even if they are criticizing the government for their Cultural Revolution or the uneducated peasants spitting around.

Hence, when white-skinned Paul Pelliot and Aurel Stein purchased thousands of Buddhists texts found in Dunhuang –property of a monk–, Chinese people speak about pillage and national shame –they even want them back! But nothing is said about how all those manuscripts, some of them unique, would have been destroyed by the communists if they were not in French, German, British or Russian museums. And again, nothing is said about their own government when it started to create fake manuscripts once their value was discovered in order to sell them to their own museums (yes, this basically means that you eat your own shit in order to improve your health, communist diet!).

Many of these documents and paintings, left behind by those evil white-skinned foreigners, were later destroyed by the Red Guards. But the fact is that, as the reader may have guessed already, these manuscripts could hardly be considered a national treasure. First, they were property of a monk who decided it was ok to sell them to some explorers he met. Second, the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party were established against Chinese tradition, first with Chen Duxiu, and later with the Cultural Revolution. So… Do countries suffer from bipolar disorders? China surely does.

A recent example of this Chinese mainland schizophrenia is the reaction that followed the creation of a linguistic map of Chinese dialects, carried out by two American guys, Kellen Parker and Steve Hansen under the name Phonemica. The aim of this project is to record and preserve many Chinese topolects/dialects that, thanks to the nationalization of the language, are being ostracized by their own native speakers in favor of the standard Mandarin language Made in Peking. But, as it usually happen in China, foreigners are not allowed to protect Chinese culture and, if they do, something dark and evil should be behind it. According to many Chinese people, two Americans mapping and preserving Chinese languages is wrong, because:

Logically, this duty belongs to our linguistics experts and relevant departments, but two foreigners have stolen the thunder.

What these two American men did is worth learning from by relevant China’s relevant departments! China’s various regional dialects should be collected and organized by Chinese people themselves, and should not and shouldn’t need to be stolen or collected by foreigners. Especially not stolen by Americans who suppress China, as the Chinese people do not welcome you! Do not provide information to them! Chinese dialects do not need to be managed by Americans!

Warning: Note that this could be an operation officially supported by American authorities, to understand Chinese dialects, laying a foundation and doing research for future warfare, [as] previously our national dialects played a key role in wars.

This involves national security. It must not be allowed. It should be carried out by our own linguistic specialists, state funded and state controlled.

Dialects should have been discarded in the trashcan of history long ago.

It is only because of such an intellectual ineptitude and nationalistic racial supremacy, rooted on the indoctrination of an absurdly ineffective political system with a decadent economy that would have died out long time ago with Marx if Lenin had not resurrected it, that we can understand the schizophrenic zeal of institutions such as the Confucius Institutes (soon also a post on them): any academic research inside our Western or “foreign” institutions should be conducted within the strict controls of these CCP-related institutes –those from a government that would never hesitate to kidnap and execute anyone who dissents with them in politics or religion, a government that also forbids entrance to scholars whose excellency surpasses any Chinese teacher from Beida or Qinghua, their beloved universities, and a government that does not allow its academics and students to make use of research tools such as, for example, WorldCat. The message is indeed very simple: only Chinese people can decide what and how does the world engage in research in the field of Chinese studies.

It is indeed ironic that the same government that destroyed Confucius’ temple and desecrated his tomb is now riveting our education centers with repressive institutions named after the same guy they metaphorically killed.

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