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Books in English


Modern Chinese Literature, Lin Shu and the Reformist Movement Between Classical and Vernacular Language

Singapore (2017)

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

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This Pivot reconsiders the controversial literary figure of Lin Shu and the debate surrounding his place in the history of Modern Chinese Literature. Although recent Chinese mainland research has recognized some of the innovations introduced by Lin Shu, he has often been labeled a ‘rightist reformer’ in contrast to ‘leftist reformers’ such as Chen Duxiu and the new wave scholars of the May Fourth Movement. This book provides a well-documented account of his place in the different polemics between these two circles (‘conservatives’ and ‘reformers’) and provides a more nuanced account of the different literary movements of the time. Notably, it argues that these differences were neither in content nor in politics, but in the methodological approach of both parties. Examining Lin Shu and the ‘conservatives’ advocated coexistence of both traditional and modern thought, the book provides background to the major changes occurring in the intellectual landscape of Modern China.



Books in Spanish




Racismo y xenofobia en el nacionalismo catalán. Breve historia a través de sus textos. 1878-1981

Barcelona (2016)

Publisher: AGON. Grupo de Estudios Filosóficos


This book presents and collects more than one hundred texts written between 1878 and 1981 by the founders and perpetrators of Catalonian nationalism that show the true face of the movement: racism against the so-called “Semitic Spanish race” as opposed to the “Aryan Catalan race”.











H.P. Lovecraft: The Crime of the Century is an essay and critical translation of some poems and texts that H.P. Lovecraft wrote about the Great War. If you do not read Spanish, you can still check for FREE my paper “Race and War in the Lovecraft Mythos: A Philosophical Reflection”, which contains most of the material from this short e-book. You can also purchase H.P. Lovecraft complete poetry through


This is a FREE e-book in PDF,