Why the absurd one-China policy must be upheld NOT

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Share This:   Following Trump-Xi meetings over the future of Asia, The Economist published a short piece entitled “One China, many meanings: Why the absurd one-China policy must be upheld.” According to the reporter, Trump’s decision to uphold the Chinese … Read More

The Economist and the origins of HK’s wishful thinking

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Share This:   Wishful thinking: “a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history – and in storytelling. When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go … Read More

Lee Yee:The Lie of “One China” and “Two Systems”

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Share This:   During Trump and Xi Jinping’s talk, Trump “agreed at the request of President Xi to honour our ‘One China’ policy.” And so did today’s conversations between Trump and Xi Jinping started: giving face to China. One of … Read More

Chip Tsao: The collective madness of nationalism

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Share This:   [You can read the original text in Chinese here. Used with permission] Whereas the recent “Scandal of Sun Yang’s drug cheat” became the battlefield of Chinese nationalism, those who read English remained sober and reasonable on the … Read More

Five Republicans Discuss “Chinese Nature”

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Share This:   [You can read the original Chinese here]   Chinese’s Double heart There is a country in the Far East whose citizens have a mouth as sharp as a dagger, but a heart as fragile as glass. Whether … Read More

There is only “Those long divided shall be united; those long united shall be divided”, but never “since antiquity”

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Share This: . [This post was originally published by blogger Read before u speak 東講西讀 in his/her FB page here. All credit goes to Read before u speak 東講西讀, both for the text and the original image]. Migration and changes in borders … Read More

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