Catalonia Independence vs. Hong Kong Independence

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Share This:   Today Catalonia celebrates an illegal referendum without voter registration, electoral colleges, election monitors, electoral commission, polling stations, presidents or members, or government neutrality. I understand that, for many Hongkongers, the existence of a group of people who … Read More

Review of Yeonmi Park, A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom (Hong Kong Students For Liberty)

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Share This:   North Korea is a pending issue for contemporary politics and politicians, a debate that has been recently brought to the fore by US President Donald Trump on the occasion of his meeting with Xi Jinping, president of … Read More

Demystifying privatization: Private roads and sidewalks in Hong Kong

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Share This:   According to The Heritage Foundation, Hong Kong is and has been, for the last 25 years, an exponent of and exemplary model for economic freedom. Despite its urban development regulation, property rights infringement, state monopolies, the erosion … Read More

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